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Creative Activities Help the Brain to Cope With Emotions

BBC Arts Great British Creativity Test - in partnership with UCL

· Neuroscience,Creativity Tools,Health

New research confirms that undertaking creative activities is particularly good for our emotions and wellbeing. The research found that getting hands-on with something new and creative is important regardless of skill level, it is the taking part that counts.

In the largest study of its kind, with almost 50,000 people taking part, led by UCL Behavioural Science and Health, Dr Daisy Fancourt, found "This study is the first to show the cognitive strategies the brain uses to regulate our emotions when we’re taking part in creative activities. While previous studies have shown the strong link between creative activities and emotions, we've not been sure about how this has been happening. It is a really exciting finding and we’ll be sharing our data with other researchers across the UK.”