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Emerging Innovation Summit

August 2023

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EIS’23 is dedicated to fostering creativity, design, and innovation in technology and business. Their goal is to provide participants with a friendly environment to exchange ideas, explore new opportunities, reconnect with colleagues, make new friends, and showcase their latest and exciting innovations driven by imagination, creativity, design thinking, system design, technological and business innovation, digital innovation, sales and marketing innovation, research innovation, FinTech innovation, environmental innovation, innovative learning, team innovation, open innovation, accelerated innovation, innovation policy, and more.

...and they delivered.

This online conference went for 5 days with a range of local and international speakers contributing to panels, presentations and workshops. Today was my turn to present a 2 hour workshop: "Keep Calm and Get Creative: What role does creativity play in our quest to be our best selves?

This workshop is an overview of the concepts from my book "The Creative Advantage" and teased out theories, research, case studies to help introduce participants to the book's premise. Creativity is the most fundamentally human of qualities, a unique trait of our species and the most important asset we have. It enables us to plan a future, to imagine what’s possible and to imagine requires creativity.

A fun and engaging workshop to top off an inspiring week, meeting experts that have guided the development of many of the problem solving techniques and theories inherent in my work.


..... and the certificate, well that's a nice touch!

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For more information about future events contact Alexe Bojovschi: