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Five Minds For the Future

by Howard Gardner, 2006

· Book Review
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The Premise: We require these five minds to be equip to deal with what is expected and what can not be anticipated.

These five distinct mental abilities are important to be effective and successful in the globalized complex world of the digital information age. The first three minds are cognitive, the last two relational:

  1. The Disciplined Mind masters key subjects.
  2. The Synthesizing Mind organizes information to make sense to self and others new connections.
  3. The Creating Mind breaks new ground and discovers new concepts.
  4. The Respectful Mind understands and appreciates the differences of others.
  5. The Ethical Mind seeks to identify and fulfill one’s obligations to others and society.

Gardner believes that the modern workplace looks to select individuals who possess the 'right' knowledge, skills and experience. The conditions of the world are changing calling for new approaches, educational aspirations and processes...and creativity is essential to enable us to conjure up fresh ways of thinking and problem solving ad arrive at unexpected answers.