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Giving ourselves permission to daydream

and the value of boredom

· Organisational,Creativity Tools

With a culture obsessed with efficiency and productivity, how might we view the inner environment of daydreaming. Viewed as a sign of laziness, more recent research shows this mental state plays an essential role with some people spending up to 47% of their awake time in a state of mind wandering.

Daydreaming can be a powerful tool, as our mind wanders, maybe its drifting towards a solution to a pressing problem or into a relaxed imaginative space. The positive side of this state of mind is that it can assist to make associations between bits of information that, however random, we may not have considered and can account for insights of wisdom and creativity.

A couple of great articles on the positive and negative effects of daydreaming and its relationship to boredom, a state of mind we need to maintain.