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Looking for a good read?

Gain the creative advantage over your holiday break

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What a year!...

So why not treat yourself to a good dose of creative reading.

My new book is available online

(and in bookstores in February 2021).

Through a deep dive into the science that fuels creativity, The Creative Advantage is the first in a three book series that responds to the central question “why are some people so amazingly creative and why do so many of us think we’re just not creative?".

This book explains how we can rewire our brain, understand our motivators, modify our behaviours, boost our skillset and instill habits to give us a creative advantage in this rapidly changing and competitive world.

It comes with a free bonus Activity Guide (book 2) translating the science to unlock the power of the brain’s creative capacity through self-reflection activities.

If this sounds like something you'd like to take advantage of - here are the direct links:

If Print on Demand is more your style then visit: