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Restorative techniques assist our aging brain

... and how that will support us to creatively age

· Neuroscience,Health
There’s growing consensus from science that an effective brain- body connection is integral to our higher order cognitive function and essential to maintain our ability to problem solve, stay motivated and explore more creative ways of being.
More research is underway on how yoga can assist in maintaining brain health and thus our creativity.

Check out this latest post from the Scientific American on how yoga can bolster our aging brains.

The science linking creativity and brain health with a focus on the importance of sleep, exercise and restorative activities to enhance cognitive problem solving abilities.


Numerous examples from the corporate world point to executive training utilising yoga, mindfulness and breathing techniques to manage their stress and create a sense of calm. Building the skills through intentional training to quiet the mind, increase self-observation and be a ‘witness’ to our thoughts, can on one hand decrease anxiety and on the other, help to pay more attention on the task at hand. This has been shown to contribute to better health and sharper business performance