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The Creative Advantage Is Coming

Discover how the intersection of science and creativity is revealing life’s ultimate advantage

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Book Due For Release in 2021

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Creativity is the most fundamentally human of qualities, a unique trait of our species and the most important asset we have. It enables us to plan a future, to imagine what’s possible and to imagine requires creativity.

Combined with your brain’s 80 billion neurons you’re geared to have a creative advantage in life, to be your best self. Our ability to creatively problem solve provides us with a competitive advantage that can be applied to both everyday and more confronting life challenges.

But how many of us neglect creativity, either due to a lack of skills or by holding on to the myth that only a chosen few were borne to be create.

The Creative Advantage recognises the complexity of modern life and provides practical ways to tap into creative problem solving techniques applicable across all aspects of life.

Through a deep dive into the science that fuels creativity, The Creative Advantage takes the reader through eight key areas:

  1. Outlining the key elements of creative problem solving, a universal process that can enable anyone to become proficient in defining and ideating on a problem and developing, then acting on a solution;
  2. Clarifying what’s happening in the brain and how we can rewire it for creative insight;
  3. Demonstrating how the four key elements of creativity can be cultivated: understanding our defining personal intrinsic motivators; identifying the essential skills and behaviours to enhance creativity; developing subject expertise through deliberate practice and, controlling your work and social environment for maximum impact;
  4. The value of building creative muscles through habit formation and creating ease by establishing routines to ensure your practice sticks;
  5. The science linking creativity and brain health with a focus on the importance of sleep, movement and restorative activities to enhance cognitive problem solving abilities;
  6. Practical ways to introduce play, daydreaming, mind- body connections to expand creative powers;
  7. Identifying barriers, myths and what’s holding you back from being your best creative self;
  8. Outlining a framework to show how creativity can be applied to key life stages, enhancing both our personal and professional lives.

The Creative Advantage demystifies creativity by drawing on the latest research from the world’s most renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social science, psychology and education to demonstrate the profound and transformative impact creativity can have on the way we parent, educate, work and age. This science is translated to unlock the power of the brain’s creative capacity and encourages reflection through self-assessment activities.

It will leave you inspired and ready to tap into positive peak experiences, get into the ‘flow’ of everyday creativity that contributes to happy and fulfilling lives, face everyday problems with a renewed creative response and overall stay curious to set off in new and exciting directions.

The Creative Advantage will give you the edge in life, increased confidence to change your personal circumstances and in doing so, the world around you.