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The Creative Advantage Life Cycle


Enhance your creativity throughout all stages of your life

· Creativity Tools,Book Review
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Hot on the heels of announcing the launch of “The Creative Advantage: How the intersection of science and creativity reveals life’s ultimate advantage” , the second in the series, is out now as an e-book.

The Creative Advantage Life Cycle: Enhance your creativity throughout all stages of your life”, starts with the premise that that creativity is the most important asset we have to negotiate through this rapidly changing world. From the way we manage our work life and conduct business, to how we learn a new skill, model behaviours for our children and shape the way we age to express our unique selves, the creative brain has no limits.

By broadening the applicability of creativity and recognising how it can elevate us both personally and professionally, we can start to realise the enormous reach we can have as parents, leaders, educators and in everyday life. We can establish the foundations of the creative advantage.

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As leaders we can have more impact as we learn the skills of effective and creative leadership to enable us to manage the challenges faced by our workplace teams, organisations and the society at large.

As educators and parents, we’re discovering the role creativity plays in development and learning, with educational psychologists identifying that the creative process underpins classroom learning as well as critical informal learning from speaking our first language to engaging in group play.

As maturing adults we can tap into positive peak experiences, the ‘flow’ that contributes to happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, as well as face everyday problems that require creative responses.

We must nurture and take advantage of our own individual creative abilities if we’re to solve the pressing problems facing our world.

This ultimately is the objective of this book, to lay out the science behind creativity, to not only appreciate our creative potential but to give us all the motivation and the tools to obtain a creative advantage in all aspects of life.

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