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To Pixar and Beyond by Lawrence Levy

Book Review

· Book Review
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On a bit of a Pixar reading binge at the moment. To add to the multitude of books referencing this amazing company is the past CFO, Lawrence Levy, who provides a personal take on why this company has been so successful, the huge challenges they had to overcome to become this and his role in the story.

My conclusion is that the 5 key players including Steve Jobs who bank rolled the company to the tune of $10mill and hung in their for 10 years before a profit was made, and Ed Catmull the CEO with a balance of creative and technical genius, and an amazing self reflective management style, with others were the perfect balance of pragmatists, creatives, science/technology experts, story tellers, all in a time when the viewing public were ready for a new type of visual arts.

His great quote- The Middle Way: Inspires us to give expression to our spirit, our creativity and humanity and still take care of day to day needs and responsibilities. A dance between order and freedom, bureaucracy and spirit, efficiency and artistry...the tension will create something better for it.