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What’s the one thing you’ll take away from 2020?

And what’s next for 2021 ?

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While there may be some positives you can extract, for many 2020 is a year they’ll want to forget.

For me it highlighted how vulnerable we all are, and not just to virus’. That sweet job you landed is actually not that secure. Working from home may have its perks, but these fade when you’re juggling roles as home schooling parents as well as semi carers for your parents. And let's face it, there’s only so much Netflix you can watch.

For me 2020 was less about sourdough baking and more about how I could stay interested and curious about everyday life.

I loved seeing the pivoting that happened, the rethinking of roles, throwing out what was once a norm, and experimenting with new ways to communicate, be in relationships, balance work and family and re-establish ties with our neighbourhoods.

I’m impressed that we now know the difference between an epidemiologist and an entomologist. (*if you’re not sure see below). We became engaged in the science and trusted their voices, accepted that things change as more research leads to more evidence about how to manage the everyday consequences of living in a pandemic.

2020 was the year I wrote … in the end three books that will be released over early 2021. The many years of research, reading, interviewing and mind mapping all came to a satisfying conclusion.

The first book, Creative Advantage, sets the scene to show how when science and creativity intersect, great things can be created. The Activity Guide aims to encourage readers to put the theory into practice. The final in the series, The Creative Advantage Life Cycle explores how we can apply the learning to all life stages to proactively enhance every aspect of life from early years, schooling and further education, worklife, as well as our health and wellbeing as we age.

I’m very excited that 2021 is now about sharing this information through both the written form and workshops. The workshop formats will start (as life in 2020 did) via Zoom but with added extras through video segments, fun practical exercises, selected reading and stimulating conversations.

Some workshops will be short and sharp and others delivered over several weeks.

So join me with the first course to start in mid-February. More details to come over the next few weeks, so stayed tuned for course dates and program details.

*An entomologist is someone who specifically focuses on the scientific study of insects

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