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    “ We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of

    thinking we used when we created them”

    Albert Einstein

    The Creative Catalyst recognises were not all at the same place in life. Through a range of targeted products and services, these are designed for specific stages across our lifespan, to overcome a range of challenges and issues.

    You might be:

    • A Gen Y, feeling dissatisfied at work or facing burnout due to escalating expectations to deliver creativity on demand, or
    • A Gen X at a crossroad, challenged by juggling roles as parents, a demanding work life and the needs of aging parents, or
    • A Baby Boomer seeking to maintain brain health and reduce cognitive decline through activities that will help to stay mentally active post retirement.

    Ultimately, there's one thing in common, you feel like you're being left behind or life is leaving you overwhelmed and impacting on your mental and physical wellbeing.


    But equally you've come to realise the need to develop new skill sets to overcome internal blocks that limit creative thinking and problem solving abilities.


    The Creative Catalyst provides science based programs that build your capacity to identify and utilise your innate creative skills and apply this across all stages of life.

    Through a deep dive into what fuels creativity, each program

    takes you through a seven step methodology:

    Then be introduced to a framework to apply your learnings to key life stages, enhancing both your personal and professional lives. Incorporate creativity into your approach to parenting, education, worklife, management practices, health and wellbeing as well as maximizing everyday creativity.

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