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Creativity is a must have

.... not just a nice to have

· Book Review

Consider what we do to commemorate moments of significance …

We start our sports finals with an anthem, an important national symbol through a song

We hang portraits of important figures in our public buildings, as a means to honor them

We depict the essence of the Australian landscape in Parliament House through tapestry, evolving hand crafted mediums

A 22 year old woman stuns at the USA inauguration .... Amanda Gorman, a poet, with the power of words

And it’s not just in moments…we survive, and some even thrive, pandemic lockdowns with music, books, movement and visuals forms.

The evidence is growing, participating in the arts through dancing, drawing, painting, performing and more broadly craft making, are an essential part of our wellbeing and health.

In the third of the book series The Creative Advantage Life Cycle: Enhance your creativity throughout all stages of your life’, explores how to apply the creative elements to shape and realise a vision for a creative life well lived. It highlights the health and well-being benefits associated with creative art practices and how maximising creativity as we age can even reduce our cognitive decline.

Creativity is used to celebrate our significant achievements.

Creativity intersects our lives.

Don’t leave your creativity to chance. Invest in your creative advantage.

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