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Future Proofing ...students or jobs?

What are the critical skills we need for the future?

· Organisational,Creativity Tools

Australian Researcher Mark McCrindle says:

“When we think about jobs of the future, we tend to think about drone pilots and app developers, but it’s nurses, teachers and construction workers. The effect of automation has a longer-term time frame than many think. There is time to plan the next phase of one’s career path. I would look for a job that involves interaction with people. Jobs relying on people skills, creativity and which require advanced decision-making will be in demand.” 1

He's not alone in this view, the McKinsey Global Institute says the top three skills we need are

Complex problem solving, Critical Thinking and, Creativity.2

Even Bill Gates has a view, when asked what are the skills today's students need to know to thrive in the world of 2030 and 2040?

He responded "For the curious learner, these are the best of times because your ability to constantly refresh your knowledge with either podcasts or lectures that are online is better than ever." 3

So future proof your students with an emphasis on creativity, critical thinking and curiosity.

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