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How the arts are changing the way we understand health and mental wellbeing

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What do the arts have to do with our health? It’s not a huge leap to associate a gallery visit with a stimulating, even relaxing, sensation. We see some great art pieces, usually in the company of friends and on the way out, a quick shop at the exhibition store for a memento, followed by a refreshing lunch or coffee. By any comparison this is a lovely social day out.

But is there more we can attribute to this enjoyable activity? Participating in the arts through dancing, drawing, painting, performing and more broadly craft making, are being understood as an essential part of our wellbeing and health.

The following is a curated article that documents the growing scientific research underway to quantify the mental and physical health benefits these art and craft based activities can provide, and why doing rather than just viewing, points to why we all need to take a dose of daily art.

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