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Enhance Your Creativity Through

Art Based Practices

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We know that creative approaches can lead to innovation across many domains. 

But what about a more ‘hands-on’ experience through art practices that enable us to express ourselves creatively? 

Creating art is a basic human need, but it’s only recently that research has finally caught up to the notion that it’s also something we can’t afford to live without. This research is making it clear that experiencing or creating art has a dynamic effect on our brain. This form of creativity can potentially address some of the most difficult issues of our time including chronic stress and associated illnesses, pain management and addiction, learning differences, depression and mental illness, and reduced productivity and innovation. 

This free course is part of an existing course 'Optimising Creativity for Well-Being' that explores how creativity can assist throughout our life with a focus on overall well-being as we mature and age.

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