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Creativity Tips that Make Even Practical Leaders Successful

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Disney CEO Bob Iger once stated: "The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation." Companies today need a constant influx of creativity to rise to the top or even just keep up. Not everyone wants to head to Colorado for brownies or go off to Burning Man to expand his or her mind. Still, with all the stories of entrepreneurial disruption, many leaders are feeling immense pressure to be more creative to get ahead of the trends. Even if you choose to remain grounded in practicality, this shouldn't stop you from harnessing creativity for success.

4 Things Google Does to Remain One of the World's Most Innovative Companies

Even as a massive conglomerate, Google manages to innovate with the kind of dexterity and creativity that most young startups would love to have. From driverless cars and solar-powered contact lenses to pills that search your body for disease, the company has taken on projects that are both ambitious and game-changing--and that, if successful, could impact humanity for the better.

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How competition can spark your creativity

Children never worry that their latest creation is not creative enough.

A child building a sandcastle does not second-guess their work — their main concern is the rising tide.

Only adults allow self-doubt to creep in and drown the creative process.

Kids give themselves fully to creative projects — and it is a beautiful thing to witness. So how is it that creativity becomes a struggle for adults?

Creative Advantages Small Companies have over Big Ones

It's virtually an article of faith that creativity is essential in business. But what's often missed—even amid the chatter around startups' edge in innovation—is how small companies can often gain a creative lead, too. To be sure, innovative thinking demands creative thinking, but it's a mistake to conflate the two, which often underestimates small companies' strategic advantages.