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Where will you use your creative powers?

or...why I wrote The Creative Advantage book series

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I want to share with you why I wrote these The Creative Advantage book series. The books, as well as the resources and program from the Creative Catalyst were motivated by a number of environmental issues but in particular it was the bushfires, floods and droughts that we in Australia have been experiencing for a number of years as well as the amount of biodiversity loss that’s clearly evident worldwide.

As an environmental advocate I’ve witnessed the declining health of our environment and this has given me a sense of urgency. The world needs imaginative solutions driven by creatives and supported by teams of innovators to solve the economic, environmental and social challenges we face. We need to create viable, equitable and sustainable communities. This book is my contribution to reach a broad audience, to build creative capacity and a focus creating that change.

I want everyone to think about how you might use the power of your creativity and encourage you to engage in an local issue, or wider more global issue and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

How will you use your creative ingenuity and contribute to making our world sustainable?