• Science is my lawful husband
    and the creative arts my lover...
    when I tire of one, I spend the night with the other.


    With apologies to Anton Chekhov


    The Creative Catalyst is for those seeking catalytic change in their lives, their workplaces and beyond.

    My passion is to foster creative and energising approaches with individuals, within organisations, across communities and beyond to promote a more sustainable world.


    I have fluidly blended my careers and interests and I'm passionate about encouraging others to dive into the power of their potential.


    My vision? A society made richer through meaningful partnerships, exploration and quests borne from curiosity.


    I've has spent the past two decades playing at the intersection of sustainability, capacity building and creative problem solving. As a 'Renaissance woman', I'm now combining creativity, the arts and sciences to provide vibrant and energising approaches to social change.


    So why creativity...?

    " In 2014 I started a side project. It was driven by curiosity and grew into a desire to create a meaningful contribution to social change.


    As a sustainability advocate, program facilitator and educator I’m deeply committed to building capacity to solve the difficult problems that confront government, business and community sectors.

    I've deep dived into the intersection of creativity and science to discover how to build the capacity of both individuals and organisations, breaking down barriers between disciplines and using creative tools to problem solve and problem find.


    The end game is to bring our best creative capacity to solve the social, environmental and equity problems plaguing this world… starting with our own sphere of influence.

    So The Creative Catalyst was born
    . Its focus is on both individual and organisational creativity.


    Its objective is to support individuals develop their own creative skills and behaviors, and organisations to innovate by applying science based creative problem solving to business systems, programs and cultural mindset.

    In 2016 I undertook research at Monash University (Victoria) to explore how small to medium sized enterprises could leverage current research on workplace organisational creativity to understand how to become more creative organisations. I'm extending this research to explore how the non profit sector and corporates can also benefit from enhanced workplace creativity.


    If you're interested in finding out more, get in touch and let's create a catalytic creative movement.


    Maria Simonelli


    To find out more about the creator go to www.msimonelliportfolio.com.au

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