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    Science is my lawful husband
    and the creative arts my lover...
    when I tire of one, I spend the night with the other.


    With apologies to Anton Chekhov


    The Creative Catalyst is for those seeking catalytic change in their lives, their workplaces and beyond.

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    My passion is to foster creative and energising approaches with individuals, within organisations, across communities and beyond to promote a more sustainable world.


    I have fluidly blended my careers and interests and I'm passionate about encouraging others to dive into the power of their creative potential.


    My vision is a society made richer through meaningful partnerships, exploration and quests borne from curiosity.


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    The Creative Catalyst developed from my parallel interests in science, the arts and education. What happens at intersections is a rich creative vein that encourages a curious and experimental approach to problem solving. It's led to my mission of seeking to support others to achieve their best creative self.


  • About me

    I’m not alone in this realisation of the value of creativity, large corporations have also come to the conclusion that creativity is a means to achieve innovation to deal with the complexity of modern and competitive global environments.


    In 2016 my thesis research at Monash University (Victoria) explored how small to medium sized enterprises could leverage research in workplace organisational creativity to understand how to become more creative organisations.


    It’s now time for government, business and community sectors to deep dive into the intersection of creativity and science to discover how to build the capacity of both their staff and organisations, breaking down barriers between disciplines and using human centred design led creative tools to both problem find and problem solve.


    As a sustainability advocate, program facilitator, artist and educator I’m deeply committed to building capacity to solve the difficult problems that confront us.


    The end game is to bring our best creative capacity to solve the social, environmental and equity problems plaguing this world… starting with our own sphere of influence.


    If you're interested in finding out more, get in touch and let's together create a catalytic creative movement.


    Go to Contact on the homepage or email me at info@thecreativecatalyst.com.au





    Are you curious about how I integrate this with my art practice?

    Check out my website here 

  • How did I get here?

    I’m very comfortable having a number of descriptors as it reflects my curiosity and interests

    Relevant to my role as founder, manager and facilitator of The Creative Catalyst is my many years intersecting across program management, training/education and facilitation.


    While I started in teaching, this led to adult and community education with a particular focus on building capacity in the environment and sustainability space.


    I honestly can't count the number of workshops I’ve developed and delivered over the last 25 years, but it’s in the hundreds. From the volunteering work with the Australian Association of Environmental Education and its Victorian equivalent, delivering networking and education events, to the then Energy Education Centre managed by Energy Victoria (now Sustainability Victoria ) promoting energy efficiency, to then leading consultation workshops on new environmental policy frameworks while with the Commonwealth Dept of Environment, to also surveying the environmental practices of the oil industry with UNEP.


    Ten years with ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, and our amazing team delivered annually dozens of campaign training workshops to local government practitioners, celebratory recognition events for managers and Councillors, as well as networking and information exchange state and national conferences.


    And it didn't stop there…I’ve spent the last 20 years focused on fine tuning my facilitation and engagement techniques that result in real and positive change at the individual and organisational level.

    Constantly refining my methods across non-profits, business, government until they produced guaranteed results.


    My intensive facilitation training started in the year 2000 with Technology of Participation methodology.


    Since then I’ve been taught by the best practitioners in creative problem solving, human centered design and community engagement. Training with the world renowned company IDEO, in creative human centred designed practices and then with the US based International Centre for Studies in Creativity building my capacity in creative thinking tools and strategies.


    Along the way undertaking professional development in applied neuroscience and brain health taught by an Oxford educated neuroscientist to fully understand the brain’s capacity to rewire and change, and how neuroscience can assist us to create stronger integration across health, well-being and creative performance.


    These qualifications and experience all come together to provide creative and energising approaches to confronting our every day and organisational problem solving.


    If you check these sites below, you'll get a pretty good idea of who I am and what I've done so far. Hopefully, I've got lots more ahead.


    Thanks for your interest!


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