• Are you interested in innovation, problem solving and creativity?

    Discover your own approach to problem solving, then learn the tools to do it better

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    The trouble is, we all get stuck

    navigating complex problems


    Understanding your creative thinking preference can help you leverage your own and other's personal preferences to unlock your abilities to generate ideas, collaborate on solutions and achieve creative breakthrough results.

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    The FourSight assessment reveals your personal creative thinking style


    The FourSight Creative Thinking Profile TM is an assessment tool that helps individuals and teams navigating complex problems by measuring where your preferences are in the problem solving process.


    This is a great tool that can be used as an individual, team or organisation to discover where your energy when problem-solving gets excited and lights up or where is loses interest and wanes.


    Even the best teams struggle and in these days of increased virtual teams, it’s even harder to collaborate and find innovative solutions. The FourSight assessment tools are designed to:

    • Increase creativity, innovation and collaboration
    • Enhance design thinking, LEAN and agile approaches
    • Reduce team conflict
    • Get to better team based solutions faster

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    FourSight ® Framework

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    This tool and its foundational framework can help your team navigate complexity and find innovative, new solutions. It provides a common language to help you figure out where you naturally light up in the innovation process…


    Do you like to Clarify? Ideate? Develop? Implement? Some combination?


    The ability to understand and leverage thinking styles is the first step toward achieving consistent breakthrough results. Once you understand your own approach, you can anticipate where you’re likely to get stuck and how you can be more effective, working alone or with a group.


    It’s used successfully with teams across the world, based on 65 years of research into creative problem solving and has over 100 000 assessments under its belt.

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    As a certified FourSight Mindset Facilitator I'm trained to take you through an individual, group or organisational assessment and explanation process.


    Interested? Find out how you can engage via workshops or online by contacting me at: info@thecreativecatalyst.com.au