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    This is a six week program for anyone seeking to enhance their creative problem solving and thinking skills and live their best creative life.


    Course dates: closed


    Did 2020, 2021 or even 2022 challenge you

    in ways that you did not foresee?

    Did your problem solving skills keep up with the endless

    thorny issues you were confronted with?

    Creativity is the most fundamental of human qualities and the most important asset we have. It enables us to plan a future and to imagine what’s possible. Combined with your brain’s 80 billion neurons you’re geared to have a creative advantage in life.


    But this creative ability is often compromised and the past few years have pointed to the fault lines. For many of us these highlighted the challenges of juggling multiple roles as parents, combined with a demanding worklife and the needs of aging parents, leaving us overwhelmed.


    No wonder your feeling stuck, unable to get ahead and that your mental and physical wellbeing may be impacted.


    But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our ability to creatively problem solve provides us with a competitive advantage that can be applied to both everyday and more confronting life challenges.

  • The Creativity Reboot Program recognises the complexity of modern life and provides practical ways to tap into creative problem solving techniques by revealing the science that fuels creativity

    As an author, educator, artist and the facilitator of this program, Maria Simonelli, demonstrates the enormous reach of the creative brain. This program is designed to support individuals and organisations to develop

    their creative skillsets, by identifying and creating the conditions that enhance creativity.

    Applying years of experience and qualifications in education, science, research and visual arts, she inspires people and businesses to build their creative capacity that result in real and positive impact.

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    This fast paced program mixes zoom conversations with video segments, games and practical activities with access to heaps of resources, including copies of the recently released books, ‘The Creative Advantage: How the intersection of science and creativity is revealing life’s ultimate advantage’ and the accompanying Activity Guide.


    The program draws on the latest research from renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social science, psychology and education to demonstrate the profound and transformative impact creativity can have.


    What Makes This Program Unique?


    This program utilises the exclusive Creative Advantage Program Model™,

    specifically designed to provide practical ways to tap into creative problem solving techniques

    applicable across all aspects of life through a seven step model. Check out this explanatory video


    Over six weeks you’ll be taken through seven steps to enhance your creativity:

    1. Find your creative strength by undertaking a Creative Thinking Profile* and the Creativity Fitness Assessment to determine your preferences and creativity strengths. Once you know these you can focus on building your creative advantage.

    2. Understand the fundamentals of creativity including how we define creativity, when humans evolved to be creative, why we need to be creative and what’s going on in the creative brain. Then learn about the whole brain at work and how to rewire your brain to become more creative.

    3. Explore how to manage the four elements that influence every creative outcome and the science behind each one. They’re mindset and motivation, domain expertise, creative skillsets and your social and work environment.

    4. Create the conditions for creativity by unlocking how to generate more and better ideas. Increase your brain’s creative capacity to harness spontaneous insights, the value of slow motion multitasking, the unexpected benefits of procrastination and the power of play. Then learn how to leverage visualisation to rewire your brain power.

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    5. Enhance the Body - Brain Connection and manage your creativity through learning the value of sleep, movement and restorative activities such as solitude, mediation and being in natural settings. Then understand how the design of your physical space is crucial to your creative output.

    6. Build your creative practice by establishing a creative routine. Learn the creative rhythm method to leverage the neuroplasticity behind habit. Then overcome barriers, capture the benefits of failure and create strategies to overcome what gets in your way.

    7. Learn creative problem solving tools that you can use for every day and bigger problem solving. Go from ideas to action and be transformed by applying the information learned and make creativity a way of life.

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    Personalised Creativity Profile*


    This program also includes the FourSight Creative Thinking Profile™ assessment tool that helps individuals and teams to navigate complex problems by measuring where your energy lights up and wanes in the problem solving process.


    This tool can assist individuals, teams or organisations discover their problem-solving preferences. The ability to understand and leverage creative thinking styles is the first step toward achieving consistent breakthrough results. Once you understand your own approach, you can anticipate where you’re likely to get stuck and how you can be more effective, working alone or with a group to collaborate and find innovative solutions.

  • How the program works:

    Each week you’ll receive an email with what to do, read and/or practice.


    This will include reading and/or up to 90 minutes of video to watch (or just listen to).


    The email will suggest activities to help reinforce the learnings.


    Then on Saturday each week you’ll be invited to a zoom conversation that will highlight the key take home messages, explore further the science behind the information and reflect on how to apply this in both your every day and larger creative problems.


    What do to next:


    Register by 23rd January to receive the early bird discount

    Final registrations 13th February


    Early bird fee $590 Aus

    Full fee $690 Aus


    The program fee includes GST for

    Australian customers only

    What you’ll receive over 6 weeks:

    • Live weekly catch-up conversations via Zoom;
    • The Foursight Creative Thinking Profile™ *  This includes a 10-minute assessment undertaken online, and then a guided feedback session that includes an interpretive guide, personalised profile slideshow, access to the FourSight member site and a collaboration profile if you’re participating as part of a team;
    • A hardcopy book-‘The Creative Advantage: How the intersection of science and creativity is revealing life’s ultimate advantage’;
    • An ebook of ‘The Creative Advantage Activity Guide’;
    • 6 hours of pre-recorded online video of curated content and skills development activities in 10 minute segments;
    • Handpicked resources for extended learning, including books, TED talks and videos; and
    • Discounts from the suite of Creative Catalyst products and services.
  • FAQs

    How many hours per week will the course take?

    Up to 90 minutes of video or reading, plus one hour zoom call and time for activities is recommended.


    The video segments are a summary of the key information outlined in the book. The book provides a more detail explanation of key concepts. Either is sufficient to participate in the Zoom conversations.


    I also suggest an optional 30 minutes to undertake the suggested activities each week.

    When are Zoom calls?

    All Zoom calls take place on Saturday AEST (Sydney, Australia) at 10am.

    Can I get a discount if I've already purchased The Creative Advantage book ?

    YES - the price of the book can be discounted from the program fee. Just scan your receipt and send to info@thecreativecatalyst.com.au before paying at the store.

    I have a team that would like to participate in the program. Is that possible?

    YES - Email the details to info@thecreativecatalyst.com.au using 'Creative Reboot Query' in the email title. For groups of 3 or more you can receive the early bird discount until the 13th Feb.

    Are there program refunds?

    Due to the short time frame there are no refunds if you cancel after a specific date (this will be advertised each year).

    Refunds will be provided in full if the program does not proceed.

    Want to find our more?

    If you still have questions then email info@thecreativecatalyst.com.au using 'Creative Reboot Query' in the email title