• The Creative Advantage
    Activity Guide

    This guide is available free to anyone who purchases the book, The Creative Advantage,

    in either hardcopy or e-book format.


    To get your free copy of the guide:

    Scan your invoice to show purchase and email to



    Insert the CODE (as outlined in the book... spoiler ... read chapter 19)

    into the subject line and provide your preferred email address.

    An e-book will be forwarded at no charge.

    You’ve done the reading; now transform this theory into practice by undertaking activities that apply this information to your own circumstances. This practical guide will assist you to uncover loads of fresh individual perspectives through self-reflective activities.


    These activities apply the relevant science as well as strategies and tools to empower you to pursue your own approach as they reinforce each step in the seven step Creative Advantage Program Model.


    With new skills and renewed motivation, you can develop the confidence to pursue creativity in all aspects of your life.

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