• Workshop Training

    The Creative Catalyst offers a series of

    half day, 1-2 day or bespoke workshop formats

    to suit both individual needs and to develop collaborative teams.


    All programs utilise universal creative problem solving tools

    and human centered design principles in their execution.

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    Gain The Creative Advantage

    Seven Steps to Enhanced Creativity

    In this one day program format you'll learn:

    • Strategies and tools to incorporate creativity to enhance both your personal and professional lives, including the universal Creative Problem Solving Process;
    • What’s happening in the brain and how we can rewire it for creative insight, the science linking creativity and brain health and how to enhance the body-brain connection;
    • How the key elements of creativity can be cultivated; practical ways to introduce play, daydreaming, mind-body connections to expand creative powers; and the value of building creative muscles through habit formation.
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    Develop Your Creative Capacity

    From Ideas to Action

    In this one day program format you'll learn:

    • How to apply the Creative Problem Solving Process, a universal tool for everyday and bigger problems; as well as tools and strategies to incorporate creativity to enhance both your personal and professional lives;
    • The when and how to apply a step wise process to clarify, ideate, develop and implement on a challenge or opportunity you're currently thinking about. Use this activity to learn by doing and practice on a real issue with your team;
    • How to incorporate the principles behind human-centered design thinking, including how to prototype ideas towards workable solutions that reflect the needs of the community you're serving.
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    Personalised Creativity Profile

    Utlising the FourSightTM creative problem solving system

    Train teams to navigate complex problems to collaborate and find innovative solutions. The assessment tools are used to increase creativity, innovation and collaboration through enhanced design thinking.


    In this two hour program format you'll learn:

    • How this innovation assessment tool reveals your personal creative thinking style. Understanding this can help you leverage your own and other's personal preferences to unlock people's abilities to generate ideas, collaborate on solutions and achieve creative breakthrough results.
    • The workshop includes the Online Assessment Profile, a copy of the Interpretive Guide, a Personalised profile slideshow and Team based Collaboration profile.

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    The Creative Advantage Life Cycle

    Enhance your creativity throughout all stages of your life

    Once you have mastered the seven steps, apply what you’ve learned to the way you parent, educate, work and age. Apply the science that underpins each and learn strategies to maximise their creative potential throughout your life.


    This one day format includes the personalised Creativity Profile using the FourSightTM Thinking Profile.


    What you'll learn:

    • The formative roles parents, educators and mentors have in influencing creativity in children from preschool through to secondary education;

    • How to pursue creativity in your workplace to enhance both individual and organisational creative success;
    • How to best apply the creative elements to shape a vision for a creative life well lived and maximise creativity as we age to reduce cognitive decline.  
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    Gain the Creative Advantage –

    Seven steps to enhanced creativity and developing your creative capacity

    This workshop incorporates features of the workshops noted above.

    This two day program format also includes includes a personalised Creativity Profile using the FourSightTM Thinking Profile. This is an assessment tool that helps individuals, teams or organisations to discover their problem-solving preferences.