• More about the Creative Advantage Program Model

    Through a deep dive into what fuels creativity, this program

    takes you through a seven step methodology:

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    Then be introduced to a framework to apply your learnings to key life stages, enhancing both your personal and professional lives. Incorporate creativity into your approach to parenting, education, worklife, management practices, health and wellbeing as well as maximizing everyday creativity.

  • Find Out More About the

    Creative Advantage Model

    7 Steps to Enhanced Creativity

    Find out more about the science that’s revealing how we can establish the foundations of the creative advantage

    The Creative Advantage Program Model copyrighted product.

  • Learn More about Creative Problem Solving Tools

    From Ideas to Action – A Tool for Divergent and Convergent Problem Solving

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    Undertake a deliberate and analytical process to ideate and implement your creative ideas

    Learn the universal model known as the

    Creative Problem Solving Process

    Learn by applying the four stages of the creative problem solving process to clarify- ideate- develop and implement on a real challenge or opportunity your organisation is attempting to resolve.


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    Create Real Impact

    Incorporate human centered design practice

    into your strategic approach

    Applying the principles of human centered design offers you a chance to build deep empathy with the communities you've designing for and create innovative solutions rooted in their actual needs.


    Video is a sample from online program demonstrating Step 7 of the method outlined above.

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