• The Creative Advantage:

    7 Steps To Enhanced Creativity

    A self paced online program that you can do from anywhere & at anytime

    Learn to develop creative strengths and problem solving skills, build creative routines, utilise tools and rewire your brain-body connection.

    Do you have a curious and creative mind, are motivated and open to scientific evidence based research?


    The Creative Advantage is a deep dive into the science that fuels creativity. It explains how we can rewire our brain, understand our motivators, modify our behaviours, boost our skillset and instil habits to give anyone a creative advantage in this rapidly changing and competitive world.


    This online program is specifically designed for people at a crossroad. They could be challenged by juggling roles as parents, combined with a demanding worklife and the needs of aging parents, leaving them overwhelmed and impacting on their mental and physical wellbeing.

    This could be combined with

    • a feeling of dissatisfaction at work, facing burnout due to escalating expectations from their employer to deliver creativity on demand;
    • as managers, a need to create workplace cultures and recruit for staff that can navigate through an ever increasing complex world;
    • limited time but wanting the best for their children, to encourage their creative capacities and to establish learning foundations that will carry them throughout their school life;
    • observing the cognitive decline of their parents, but seeking strategies that will help them stay mentally active post retirement.

    By incorporating creative thinking tools into how we manage our work life, conduct business, model behaviours, and shape the way we age, we can realise the enormous reach we have, as the creative brain has no limits!

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    The introductory video explains

    The Creative Advantage Program Model

    that this program is structured around.

    What participants get from this program:

    The Creative Advantage Online Program recognises the complexity of modern life and

    • Provides practical ways to tap into creative problem solving techniques applicable across all aspects of life;
    • Clarifies what’s happening in the brain and how we can rewire it for creative insight;
    • Demonstrates how creativity can be cultivated by influencing the four key elements of creativity- motivation, domain expertise, skillsets and social/work environments,
    • Builds creative muscles through habit formation and establishing routines to ensure the practice sticks;
    • Connects the importance of creativity and brain health with a focus on sleep hygiene, movement and restorative activities to enhance cognitive problem solving abilities;
    • Practical ways to introduce play, daydreaming, mind- body connections to expand creative powers;
    • Identifies the barriers, myths and what’s holding you back from being your best creative self; and
    • Tools, strategies and activities to incorporate creativity to enhance both our personal and professional lives.
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    Program Inclusions:

    This online program utilises a cleverly designed 7-step method, delivered over a series of modules to enable time to work through the program elements and create practical and positive changes.


    It includes lifetime access to:
    • Over 5.5 hours of video, delivered in 10 minute chunks,
    • The Creative Advantage Program Booklet that summarises the information covered (114 pages),
    • a Resource Guide for follow up on each topic covered, and
    • an Activity Guide with 23 practical activities to help you incorporate the information into everyday and more complex problem solving.

    This program is curated from the latest peer reviewed research from the world’s most renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social science, education and psychology. All programs utilise universal creative problem solving tools and human centered design principles in their execution.


    The Creative Advantage demystifies creativity,

    demonstrating how we‘re all born to be creative.


    What participants are already saying about this course:


    "I really enjoyed The Creative Advantage. It is content rich and applicable in step by step understandable modules.

    It's inspiring and positive and easy to listen to. It really helped improve my creativity!" Helen