• Why are some people just so creative?

    Learn how to get the creative advantage with the release of the three book series

    The Creative Advantage:

    How the intersection of science and creativity reveals life’s ultimate advantage


    Through a deep dive into the science that fuels creativity, The Creative Advantage is the first in a three book series that responds to the central question “why are some people so amazingly creative and why do so many of us think we’re just not creative?


    Book 1 is founded on the premise that creativity is a learned skillset and can be enriched by the latest science. It’s curated from the latest peer reviewed research from the world’s most renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, social science and education.


    The neuroscience points to the growing understanding that while most of us may be born with more or less the same brain, our capacity to use it can be strengthened throughout our life by the way we strengthen our creative abilities.


    The book explains how we can rewire our brain, understand our motivators, modify our behaviours, boost our skillset and instil habits to give us a creative advantage in this rapidly changing and competitive world.

  • Comes with a free Activity Guide (book 2), translating the science to unlock the power of the brain’s creative capacity through practical and self-reflective activities.

    About Book 1

    The Creative Advantage (book 1) reveals the science that’s building our understanding of why some of us are more creative. What happens at the intersection of science and creativity is no longer a mystery or based on myth. Of even more relevance, creativity is a skill that can be learnt and practised, with studies showing that creativity is close to 80% learned.


    The objective of this book is to lay out the science behind creativity, to not only appreciate our creative potential but to give us all the motivation and the tools to obtain a creative advantage in all aspects of life.


    Unlock the amazing potential that lies within your brain. Once you understand the elements that contribute to creativity, you can transform the way you engage in the world. Turn off your autopilot, be actively engaged rather than a passive observer of other’s creativity, and learn what you can do to live your best creative life.


    This book is divided in to five sections:

    • Section 1 provides an understanding of the changing world we have entered and why we need to develop creative thinking skills, particularly in young people.
    • Section 2 provides a foundation to the many aspects of what creativity is, why it developed in humans and the elements we can influence to build our creative capacities.
    • Section 3 highlights how we can create the conditions that enable creativity, particularly those we can influence from today.
    • Section 4 has identified the key areas that enhance both our brain health and its capacity to be creative and then how we can introduce these into our daily lives.
    • Section 5 provides tools, activities and a way of creating your own personal creativity roadmap.


    “ Maria’s book The Creative Advantage provides a valuable overview of the important conversations in the field of creativity today. A great resource!


    Gaia Grant (PhD)

    Faculty, The University of Sydney Business School

    Executive Director, Tirian Innovation Solutions

    Author of ‘Who Killed Creativity?’ and ‘The Innovation Race’


    " I had the great pleasure of watching this new book take shape over the last year. Such a great idea and overall concept for this book. Love the tag line - how the intersection of science and creativity reveals life's ultimate advantage. Job well done Maria.

    Andrew Griffiths

    International bestselling author & global speaker


    The Creative Advantage Life Cycle:

    Enhance your creativity throughout

    all stages of your life

    About Book 3

    Imagine what our lives would look like if we reframed the way we

    approach its significant stages with a more creative enhancing mindset.

    Creativity is the most important asset we have to negotiate through this rapidly changing world. From the way we manage our work life and conduct business, to how we learn a new skill, model behaviours for our children and shape the way we age to express our unique selves, the creative brain has no limits.


    Creativity is as much about what we do as it is about how we do it. By broadening the applicability of creativity and recognising how it can elevate us both personally and professionally, we can start to realise the enormous reach we can have as parents, educators, mentors, managers, community leaders and in everyday life.


    Book 3 highlights how creativity is visible in those seemingly small decisions we make daily, through to

    • Understanding the formative roles we can play in influencing the development of children,
    • Learning how to pursue creativity in your workplace, to enhance both your individual skills and assist your organisation to succeed,
    • Realising the impact of effective creative leadership to enable us to manage the challenges faced by our workplace teams, organisations and society at large,
    • Exploring how to optimise our health and wellbeing and reduce cognitive decline, and
    • Tapping into positive peak experiences and how we can shape a vision for a creative life well lived.

    As a companion to Book 1, ‘The Creative Advantage Life Cycle is also underpinned by the latest science as it considers the questions we can ask ourselves that can maximise our creative potential into a distinct advantage, rather than just leaving it to chance.

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