• Start Your Creative Side Project Today

    A side project doesn't need to be epic or reflect a big structural life change. It just needs to be something you really want to try out, an experiment that matters to you that you can dedicate some regular time and energy too. It's a great way to get started and flex your creative muscles.

  • The aim of a side project is to discover if that idea, maybe a new job, a creative project, an adventure or just something your curious about, can work in reality. Think of this as a low-risk strategy so you can explore without the fear of failure.

  • How Do You Spend Your Saturday Mornings?

    Allocate time towards your next side project

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  • The What and Why of Side Projects

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    These resources were created as part of a side project known as the Career Redesign Program. For more information, check out the free YouTube videos, Find Your Career Sweet Spot by Maria Simonelli.


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