How to Nurture Creativity in Children

How to Nurture Creativity in Children

15.00 Aus
How can we nurture and take advantage of our children's individual creative abilities from preschool through to senior schooling?

The answer to this is the objective of this program. To lay out the science, not only appreciate our creative potential but to give us all the motivation and the tools to obtain a creative advantage in all aspects of life. By broadening the applicability of creativity and recognising how it can elevate us both personally and professionally, we can start to realise the enormous reach we can have as parents, mentors and educators.
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The online program includes a one hour video, a program book with resources, reflective activity and transcript of audio.

This program content:

The Role of Parents, Educators and Mentors including:

  • Develop creative thinking skills through reading
  • Encouraging group creativity
  • Freedom to decide
  • Child-centred environments
  • How to create innovators
  • The role of mentors

The Power of Play exploring:

  • What is play?
  • Do devices fuel or stunt creativity?

Transitioning from Home to School including

  • Cultivating classroom creativity
  • Has Finland designed the perfect education system?
  • Developing creative capacity in your children

Reflective Activity that explores where can you have the most influence to create an advantage?

  • As parents, teachers and mentors
  • When seeking preschool and primary schools for children, and
  • When seeking a senior school experience.

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