The Creative Advantage Life Cycle

The Creative Advantage Life Cycle

What would our life look like if we reframed the way we approach the significant periods of life with a more creative enhancing mindset?

This book explores further how we can utilise creativity to proactively enhance every aspect of life from early years, schooling and further education, worklife, as well as our health and wellbeing as we age. Consider the questions to ask yourself that drive the notion of creativity into a distinct advantage, rather than just leaving it to chance.

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The TCA Lifecycle explores how can we use the creative elements and apply these to an everyday practice throughout our life, starting with nurturing the creative advantage in children by:

  • Recognising the importance of strong creative role models,
  • Understanding how play and reading shape children’s creativity, and
  • Developing the creative capacity of the young throughout their schooling.


We then progress to cultivating the creative advantage in the workplace by:

  • Identifying workplaces that understand the value of creative approaches as a way of supporting staff as well as bringing an unique product and service to the market,
  • Understanding the important role intrinsic motivation plays in our response to creativity in the workplace environment, and the
  • Transformational role managers can play to foster creativity.


Then finally, we explore how to optimise the creative advantage for wellbeing by outlining the :

  • Growing evidence that art based activity and learning can have significant benefits to health and wellbeing, and
  • How maximising creativity as we age has an impact on reducing cognitive decline.


As participants progress through they’ll appreciate and work through the advantages in turn, looking at the science that underpins each and be introduced strategies to maximise their creative potential throughout life.

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