Cultivating Creativity In The Workplace: Self Paced Online Program

Cultivating Creativity In The Workplace: Self Paced Online Program

How can you gain a creative advantage in your current role and your career?

This online program focuses on how to pursue creativity in your workplace, to enhance your own individual skills and the organisation’s ability to succeed through a focus on creativity and innovation. As managers we can have more impact as we learn the skills of effective and creative leadership to enable us to manage the challenges faced by our workplace teams, organisations and the society at large.

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This online program is designed as a self-paced format and includes a one hour presentation video, summary of each video transcript, source references and additional resources, and reflective activities to reinforce the aims of the program.

The program content includes:

Seeking Out Workplace Creativity

  • The VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world of work
  • Applying the Creative Elements Model

How the Work Environment Influences Motivation

  • Reflection: What work environment factors are important to support your intrinsic motivation? (Part 1)
  • Reflection: What do you consider important to support your intrinsic motivation? (Part 2)
  • Assessing an organisation for creativity
  • Reflection: What should I look for in a future employer? (Part 3)

Managing Creativity Versus Managing For Creativity

  • What role does management play in fostering the creative process in the workplace?
  • Reflection: Are you managing for creativity?
  • Go from manager to transformational leader

Additional Resources

  • More on information overload and attention deficient
  • What is the Foresight Thinking Profile?
  • Additional reading, references and reflective activities