Optimising Creativity for Well-Being: Self Paced Online Program

Optimising Creativity for Well-Being: Self Paced Online Program

This online program focuses on exploring how creativity can assist throughout our life with a focus on mental health well-being as we mature and age. It explores everyday creativity and how we might shape and realise our vision for a life well lived and the role creativity can play in this.

Further it demonstrates how we can thrive throughout our lifespan by identifying the intersection of well-being and creativity, highlighting the health benefits, brain health and learning associated with creative art practices and integrating these approaches as we age.
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The program includes an hour and half video, a program book with resources, reflective activities and transcript of audio.

This online program covers:

  1. Introduction to online program series
  2. Foundational Concepts
  • Pro, Big or Little ‘C’
  • Why we need to be creative
  • When did humans evolve to be creative?
  • The brain’s balancing act

3. The Significance of Everyday Creativity

  • The intersection of creativity and well-being
  • Reflective activity: How to leverage your advantage to expand your everyday creativity

4. Everyday Creativity Through the Arts

  •  Crafting a healthier mindset
  • Innovative approaches to healthcare
  • The benefits of creative activities on mental health
  • Utilising the arts to assist learning
  • Do the arts have a superpower?
  •  Reflective activity : Where can you introduce art and craft into your well-being approach

5.Maximising Our Creativity As We Age

  • The changing brain
  • Sustaining creativity as we mature
  • Reflective activity: Are you a sprinter or marathoner?
  • Quiz : Do you recognise these great creators?

6. Creativity Is Our Greatest Asset

7. Additional Resources

  • Reflective activities
  • What is the Foresight Thinking Profile?
  • More on information overload and attention deficient
  • Additional reading and references